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The Pubic Hair Oil I Didn’t Know I Needed In My Beauty Routine

You might already be familiar with Fur Oil if you’ve read Emma Watson’s mention of it in her Into The Gloss interview. Laura Schubert and Lillian Tung co-founded Fur with the idea that “If you treated hair on your head the way you treat your pubic hair, you would hate your head hair too,” which makes complete sense when you stop to think about it.

Fur Oil is a 100% natural oil that prevents ingrown hairs, irritation, and stubble. While it’s great to use on pubic hair or stubble, you can use it anywhere you have both hair and skin! And since I have a pretty extensive facial oil collection, I was excited at the idea of expanding my oil use to the rest of my body.

I love so much about Fur Oil from the beautiful packaging to how soothing it feels on my legs post-shave. But I’m also in love with the ethos of this brand and how they’re taking steps to normalize body hair on women.

Fur Oil Pubic Hair Body Hair on Women
Fur Oil Instagram Body Hair on Women

How Does It Work?

Fur Oil is a cocktail mix of some of my favorite oils including Grape Seed Oil, Jojoba, and Tea Tree Oil. These oils contain strong antioxidant and antibacterial properties which help to soothe skin, clear pores, and prevent ingrown hairs. While I love the key oils used in this formula, it’s worth noting that it also contains small amounts of peppermint oil and lemongrass oil which can be sensitizing to some people, so I’d avoid using it on your face or sensitive skin.

Levitate beauty fur oil natural skincare

I reach for my Fur Oil immediately after shaving and gently pat a few drops into my legs, arms, underarms, and bikini line. I get the most annoying ingrown hairs on my inner thighs, even if I don’t shave there. But since using Fur Oil, my legs are smooth, soft, and free of ingrown hairs for once in my life! Because this oil is so versatile, I’ve also had excellent results using it as a cuticle oil, mixing it with my foot lotion, and even using it to soothe mosquito bites.

Fur Oil Levitate Beauty

Fur Oil looks as luxurious on my nightstand as it feels on my skin and it’s quickly become part of my daily self-care routine. I’m almost completely out of my trial-sized bottle and will immediately be switching to the full 75ml bottle that is meant to last around 6 months. I’ve already been eyeing Fur Stubble Cream as well!

What products do you use to treat yourself to a luxurious daily-care experience? Tell me in the comments below!


This post was sponsored by Fur Oil and was gifted to me for review purposes. As always, all of my thoughts are completely honest and my own.


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