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Sexual Wellness Brands Have Officially Entered the Beauty Space. Here’s Why it Matters.

A few weeks ago I took a trip to Brooklyn to visit maude’s Staycation pop up and had the best time. maude, a sexual wellness brand founded by Eva Goicochea, is focused on building a modern, simplified, and inclusive approach to sexual wellness products.

This brand has been on my radar for quite some time as I’ve seen more and more sexual wellness brands like maude, Dame, and Necessarie entering the beauty space.

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Why Sexual Wellness Products Play an Important Role in the Beauty Space

Brands like maude have really taken the initiative to emphasize that skincare and body care isn’t limited to just moisturizers and scrubs. The products we use for sexual health can be just as important as our skincare routines.

Sexual wellness brands like maude are rapidly entering the beauty space and opening up conversations about sex, self-pleasure, and reproductive health. I absolutely love the ethos surrpoounding maude's - they're dedicated to making gender neutral and age-neutral sex wellness products.

Not only are brands like maude opening up the conversation about a topic that was once considered taboo (gasp sex and self-pleasure!); they’re also helping us re-frame the way we think about sexual wellness products and how they’re marketed and sold. When we start seeing products like lube available in beauty spaces, we start to remember that it’s normal and buying them shouldn’t feel like an awkward experience.

maude demonstrated this perfectly through their stayction pop up. I loved seeing their products surrounded by beauty, wellness, and home brands like Brooklinen, Plant People, and Twice. They really drove home the message that picking out a lube should feel just as comfortable as picking out a face mask.

So, We Know I love Maude’s Mission… But are the Products Good?

maude: the sexual wellness brand for millennials. Maude's vibe personal massager is tiny, discreet, and effective. The rechargable vibrator is easy to maintain and looks super decorative and discreet on your nightstand!

Before we even get into how they work, I have to say this: the products are beautiful. The vibrator looks like a piece of art on my nightstand, and the candle and lube are simple and modern-looking. Everything is gender neutral and can easily appeal to any age group.

After testing out maude’s offerings – I can truthfully say I like them all. They’ve not only put thought into the quality of their ingredients (i.e. organic aloe) and the design (the easy-to-use the pump on the lube), but the performance of the products themselves really impressed me.

burn. The massage candle is my favorite by far, because I’ve never seen anything like it. This jojoba and soybean oil candle sets the mood (dreamy) with notes of amber, cedar leaf, lemongrass, tonka bean and medjool date. The best part of it is, once it melts it doubles as a massage oil.

maude's Organic Shine is a 100% natural, aloe-based personal lubricant. It's super hydrating, never sticky, and can be used safely with latex condoms and toys.

Organic Shine. This aloe-based lube is unfragranced and not overly sticky. It doesn’t dry out quickly and is overall really pleasant to use. The best part of it is that pump bottle which makes it so easy to use.

Vibe. Good vibes only. A tiny, discreet, and effective personal massager. It has 3 speeds and it’s chargeable by USB.

If you’re curious about testing any of these out, you can receive $5 off your first order with code “becca” (it’s not an affiliate code and I don’t gain anything if you decide to use it. Just a gift for ya.)

If you’re in NYC, I highly recommend checking out the staycation pop up for yourself! It’s located at 63w n.3rd st in Williamsburg, Brooklyn until the end of August.

What are your thoughts on sex wellness products entering the beauty space?

maude’s burn, organic shine, and the vibe were gifted to me by the brand. As always, all of my thoughts are completely honest and my own.

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muade: sex made simple. maude is dedicated to creating modern-looking sexual wellness products that can appeal to any age or gender.
maude: sex made simple. maude's shine lube is made with organic aloe and their gorgeous gender-neautral packaging looks perfect on any nightstand. maude has really taken the reigns to prove that sexual wellness IS an important form of self care.
sexual wellness brands like maude are taking the beauty industry by storm and I'm all about it! I love that these brands are working hard to remind us that sexual wellness is important, and it's normal! It shouldn't feel like an awkward and uncomfortable experience. Picking out a new vibrator should be as comfortable as picking out a new mascara.

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