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In-Flight Travel Essentials

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I love to travel and I’m currently planning a trip for fall! My boyfriend and I are deciding between Ecuador and Scotland currently (and yes I’m aware that those are two very different places, I just can’t decide which one I want to visit first!).

Unfortunately, Fall is a ways away. But my friend is going on a 10-hour overnight flight and asked me what skincare and makeup things she should bring in her carry-on and it inspired me to take this photo!

Here are my recommendations for a long overnight flight:



Makeup Remover

Garnier Micellar Water is my go-to for easy makeup removal. You could also bring face wash (I recommend a travel sized Cerave Hydrating Cleanser), but I’d personally skip the double cleanse just for the night because I prefer to spend as little time as possible in airplane bathrooms.


Cetaphil is my go-to no frills moisturizer. It’s inexpensive, gentle, and lightweight on my oily skin. If I’m looking for additional moisture, bring along a travel-sized hydrating mask like Laneige Water Sleeping Mask.

Lip Balm

When you’re on a flight, don’t forget to reapply lip balm often! I love the Kiehl’s # 1 Lip Balm because it’s packed with hydrating oils, topped with an occlusive like Glossier Balm Dot Com to lock in moisture.

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Vitamin C

Start your morning off with some brightening action! I’m loving Sunday Riley CEO and, luckily, I have this tiny travel-sized sample of it to bring along on trips. Clinique also sells travel sized versions of their Vitamin C.


You AM routine is never complete without an SPF! For a long flight, I’d bring along my tiny jar of Dr Jart Cicapair Color Correcting Cream for its multiple benefits: it’s moisturizing, it calms skin, reduces redness, and it has SPF. Plus, its beige tint helps to cover up any redness or blemishes.

Mini Eyeshadow Palette

I’ve been in love with Urban Decay Naked Heat so I had to pick up their Naked Heat Petite to bring along with me on trips.


I’d personally stick to a tubing mascara because it seriously never smudges! My personal favorite is Loreal Double Extend Mascara because it’s inexpensive, and gives me incredibly long smudge-proof lashes.

This is by no means a perfect routine, but with TSA liquid restrictions it’s hard to bring everything onto the plane and I’m not a huge fan of transferring my serums to smaller containers. The most important thing is to remove your makeup, moisturize, drink lots of water, moisturize some more, and use an SPF before leaving your flight. What are your in-flight necessities?


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In-flight skincare essentials to take in your carry on luggage.


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