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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Facials
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Come as you are! Wear comfy clothes and make sure to wear a top that exposes your neck. No need to wear makeup to your appointment - but if you do we’ll gladly wash it off for you during your treatment!


Make sure to fill out and submit your client intake form and consent form prior to your appointment so that we can make the most of your in-person treatment time.

Discontinue the use of chemical exfoliants (AHA/BHAs) and retinols for at least 3 days prior to your appointment to reduce the risk of sensitivity or irritation.


Skip botox or fillers 2 weeks before your appointment.


Be prepared to discuss any skin concerns or goals you have.


Get ready to relax!

We recommend making facials part of your monthly beauty routine - consistency is truly key for keeping up results (along with a great skincare routine in between treatments)!

For certain targeted treatments, we may recommend a series of sessions spaced 2 weeks apart for best results. 

In either instance, we recommend joining our membership to save on monthly services.

We've got you covered. Check out our guide on what to expect during your facial at Levitate Beauty & Skin Studio.

Absolutely! Facials during and after pregnancy are great ways to give yourself a little TLC. And regular facials can address breakouts, redness, or sensitivity you might be experiencing due to hormonal changes. During your facial, your esthetician will take special care to only use products with ingredients that are considered pregnancy-safe.

Yes! We don’t use steam in our facials and take extra care to be as gentle as possible with our clients’ eyelash extensions. However, if you want to err on the side of caution, we recommend scheduling your facial a few days before your lash refill!

Our facials can be customized for everyone and anyone’s skin! Regardless of age or gender.

We use a highly curated selection of products from an array of brands such as Lira Clinical, Image, Glymed, and Circadia. All 4 lines combine the best science-based and botanical ingredients to keep your skin looking and feeling great!

Your esthetician at Levitate Beauty & Skin Studio is fully-vaccinated for COVID-19 and has received the booster.

Your esthetician will wear an N95 mask throughout the entire service.

New clean linens and blankets are placed on the bed for every single client.

All tools, hard surfaces, beds, and products touched during the service are cleaned between clients with EPA-approved hospital-grade disinfectant.

An air filter is constantly running in the room to promote proper airflow in the space.