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Does Your Hair Need UV Protection?

Long time no blog post! My first post of 2019 is coming much later than anticipated, but I took some time off to relax and regroup before jumping back into writing – the break has been a really useful way to take a step back and figure out my vision for Levitate Beauty in 2019. But more on that later! I’m starting the year off with a beachy review because if you’re anything like me, you might be sitting in a puffer coat while dreaming of warm weather. I was lucky enough to escape the cold and spend the past week in Curacao, and while preparing for my trip (aka buying a boatload of sunscreen on Amazon) I also picked up Sahajuan’s Hair in the Sun ($32), a leave-in hair serum (cruelty-free) that protects your hair from the effects of UV rays.

When I saw it my first thoughts were 1) pretty packaging! (I love orange) And 2) do I really need UV protection for my hair? After doing some research, I decided I do!

How UV Rays Affect Your Hair

I’ve certainly noticed that after spending a long vacation at the beach, my hair will get dry, frizzy, and dull-looking. That’s because UVB rays can cause hair protein loss and UVA rays can contribute to hair discoloration/fading, so it’s important to protect the cuticle of your hair to prevent UV damage.

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Sachajuan’s Hair In The Sun has a co-polymer called UVQ that absorbs UV rays to keep your hair protected in the sun. Full disclosure here: I’m not a scientist and when doing research about “UVQ” the only information I found came from articles talking about this specific product, where UVQ is described as being similar to physical filters found in sunscreen. I don’t know enough about it to talk about what UVQ is and if it’s an effective sun protectant for your hair. With that being said, I do feel comfortable sharing my anecdotal review of this product.

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Sachajuan Hair In the Sun: The Verdict

I really enjoyed Sachajuan’s Hair in the Sun! It’s a light-orange cream (that smells amazzzzing) that I applied as a leave-in treatment after washing my hair. It’s supposed to stay put through a shower or dip in the ocean, but washes out with shampoo. I also used it as a hair gel when I kept my hair in a bun and it helped to keep my hair in place. When I washed it out at night, my hair felt incredibly silky and soft as if this were also a leave in conditioner. I can safely say that, after spending a week in the sun, my hair feels healthy, shiny, and soft! It also did a great job at controlling my frizz, and my hair looked great even post-swim.

Drop a comment! Have you used sun protection on your hair before?

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