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Levitate (v.): to rise; especially in seeming defiance of gravitation.

Welcome to Levitate Beauty! I’m Becca and I’m a Licensed Esthetician aiming to promote skin positivity and end the stigma of acne through simple skincare tips and by sharing my own personal skin journey.

I’ve dealt with acne for pretty much my entire life, and while I’m finally at a place where I’ve learned how to manage it, there’s no reason figuring out how to take care of my skin should have taken so long or been so freaking frustrating or confusing.

After years of working on the corporate side of the beauty industry, I decided I wanted to focus on helping people with their skin journeys and making skincare easy and accessible soooo I enrolled in Esthetician school, studied my butt off, and here we are!

And don’t get me wrong – I’ve learned to manage my acne, but my skin is still far from perfect. There are some days I feel comfortable enough to leave my apartment without foundation, but on other days I still get breakouts and sometimes my face is an oily mess.

You’ll never find touched up or edited selfies on Levitate Beauty, because the purpose of this blog is to lift each other up and to lift up ourselves.  To not only work toward our skincare/makeup goals and experiment with fun products, but also to become more comfortable and accepting of ourselves as we are. While we may not be able to control every aspect of our skin, we can control the way we see and feel about ourselves.

If you love reading about skincare products and ingredients, or want to learn *why* certain ingredients work, or if you just need help navigating the confusing world of skincare, you’ll be right at home here. I’m an obsessive researcher and there’s nothing I love more than learning new things about ingredients and testing new products to see if they live up to their claims.

Through this blog I hope to review new products I’ve tried, give you the low-down on popular skincare ingredients, and provide some general self-care tips.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you follow me through the rest of my journey!