Review: Dr. Jart+ Transfoam Clay

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A few weeks ago I bought the Dr. Jart+ Transfoam Clay Mask Set! It comes with 3 different masks (Calming, Moisturizing, and Refreshing) which makes it a great set for multi-masking! The cool thing about these masks is when you rinse them off they transform (or “trans-foam,” if you will) into a foamy cleanser that’s supposed to wash away oil and dirt.

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The packaging also says it can remove base makeup but I’d say this should NOT replace your cleanser. I’d stick to using my oil-based cleanser to remove my makeup followed by a gentle second cleanser before moving onto this mask.

I chose not to multi-mask because my skin has just been generally dry all over, so I pulled out the Moisturizing Pink mask first and went for it. I let it dry for 3 minutes (as the instructions recommend) and when I rinsed, it did foam like a cleanser which was cool!

Dr. Jart’s Trans-Foam Clay Masks are ideal for oily or combo skin, and they do a great job of absorbing excess oil. After rinsing, I wouldn’t describe my skin as feeling hydrated, but the mask was significantly less drying than my normal clay masks. I’ll definitely continue to use it throughout this winter to replace my Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque (which is a fantastic mask but it’s too drying for winter).

I have been able to try the other two masks over the past few days and here’s what I thought:

Dr. Jart Trans-Foam Clay Mask White (Calming)

My skin wasn’t irritated when I used this so I feel like I can’t have a fully accurate review of it yet. But it did feel nice on my skin and when I rinsed my skin felt smooth and it does contain chamomile which is a calming ingredient.

Dr. Jart Trans-Foam Clay Mask Green (Refreshing)

This one felt very similar to Queen Helene’s Mint Julep Mask. It has somewhat of a cooling/tingly/minty feel to it. My face felt a bit dry after using it so be sure to follow it up with a moisturizer or a sheet mask! I’d recommend it for oily or combo skin.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I wouldn’t let these replace my normal cleanser, but I did like them a lot as masks! They felt much gentler than other clay masks I’ve tried and I liked that they dried within 3 minutes, so it’s not as much of a time commitment. My favorite was the pink hydrating one because it didn’t leave my skin feeling dry – I have a feeling I’ll be using that one the most!


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